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The Archives of Rural History (ARH) is an independent, bobette150scientific institution engaged in archiving historical records and in conducting historical research. Since its foundation in 2002 it has become the centre for rural history in Switzerland. The AHR additionally continues to maintain a range of exchanges with historical and archival institutions in Europe and elsewhere.

We systematically search for, collect and catalogue records relating to the history of agriculture and rural society in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. So far the historical records of 170 institutions, organisations and individuals, extending to more than 1,500 linear meters, have been catalogued and made accessible to researchers for scientific purposes. As a virtual archive, the ARH does not store the catalogued archival records itself, but rather deposits the collections in existing public archives or, alternatively, returns them to the owners-creators as private archives which are accessible for scientific research. The AHR only stores those archival records which are used for research purposes by the research section of the institution. For each collection a catalogue is created. This finding aid functions as a key in identifying the individual items contained crottyr150in the files of the collection. Each catalogue is published as a pdf-file in the online-database Records of Rural History ( as well as on Archives Portal Europe (

Besides archiving historical records, the ARH is actively engaged in conducting historical research. We initiate and undertake research projects in our own right as well as participate in bigger ventures on a national and international level.

Irish Dimension

Since its inception the Archives of Rural History has been active in Ireland. It has so far identified and catalogued archival material of Elizabeth F. Bobbett, Raymond Crotty, Clann na Talmhan, the Irish Farmers Federation etc. ploug150An overview of currently accessible archives will be published here in due course.

For further information consult the website or contact Peter Moser, Director, Archives of Rural History, Villettemattstrasse 9, CH-3007 Bern, Tel. 0041 31 911 72 55,

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